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Throughout my career, I’ve had the great fortune to work on some truly inspiring projects, while meeting many influential and creative individuals along the way. I believe in working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. For more information about my experience, portfolio or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project, get in touch today.

About the Artist.

Leo Green is an artist born in New Orleans, Louisiana and currently lives in Biloxi, Mississippi.  At present Leo works as a  highschool art teacher and coach at Biloxi High School. Leo’s artworks can range from many different mediums and styles, from drawing to painting to sculptures and castings. Graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi with both a bachelors and masters degree in art education he is currently working on artwork that reflects and encourages social interaction and thought.

About the Art.

Leo Green’s work explores the 1990s hip hop movement. These paintings were influenced by hip pop musicians and their music videos.  Snoop Dogg, Aaliyah, Master P and TLC were some of the singers he listened to as a kid. They gave him an insight into a modern narrative of urban myth and fantasy.
When Leo was a child he would remember waking up jamming to his  favorite rap artists,  watching them portray  their life on MTV. Fascinated by their swagger and endless currency. They showed him how to dress and act as a youth.  Baggy jean, logo t-shirt, cornrows and a gold chain was the look of his era. The 1990s to 2000s was one of the  finest eras to see creative urban people making a mark on the world.
In this series of paintings, Leo Green has  chosen to only use black, white, gray and gold. Leo wants his viewers to see his work as the bling of the  gallery. 

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